Camping Supplies

We at have a wide selection of high quality camping gear. So if you have been in the city for a long time and want to go off the grid and reconnect with nature, we are here to help.

Simply browse our inventory of backpacks and other items for camping and survival like fire starters, water purification tablets, and first aid kits. Feel at home with our reliable camping shelters such as a tarp tent and other necessities like air mattresses, camping stoves, and hammocks.

What Products We Offer

When you go on a camping trip, it is always important to bring items that are essential when camping. Unless you are going to test your bushcraft skills in a survival situation, you can bring the items you need to satisfy your camping needs.

Below are the essentials of camping along with some of the products we have in our selection:

Shelter - it is the safe haven of your campsite. This is where you’ll be spending your night or where you’ll fall back to when bad weather hits. Popular brands such as Chinook, PahaQue, and Ultimate Survival Technologies manufacture high quality tents, tarps, hammocks, and dining canopies. These products can provide you the shelter you need especially when you’re out in the woods.

Fire - probably the most important thing when camping. Fire is used to ward off insects and predators, to purify water through boiling, to cook food, and also to make you feel good and boost morale. Gerber makes great fire starters under the Bear Grylls series. If you’re looking to speed up the fire making process, Coghlan’s makes reliable fire sticks, tinder kits, and other forms of fuel or kindling as well as flint strikers.

Food - a must-have item to make camping fun. Whether it is food that you brought from home or a small game you just killed, cooking and eating food really makes camping enjoyable. If you’re planning to bring cooked food with you from home or just a prepared set of ingredients for you to cook meals at the campsite, Proforce Equipment Camp-A-Box is the perfect item for you.

You can also look at holders and cast iron pots made by Campmaid, Coleman, and Proforce that enable you to cook with the campfire. For instant meals, Alpine Aire Foods makes delicious and healthy meal kits for camping, a yummy equivalent of an MRE (meal, ready-to-eat).

Sleeping Gear – it’s what you need to enjoy a comfortable sleep while camping. Products such as the Dawson bag from Chinook is one good example. It features excellent insulation and heat retention to make sure that you can get a good night rest.

If you want a more luxurious feel, you can opt for inflatable airbeds such as the one from Coleman. Pair this with a dual action hand pump, and you can enjoy a comfortable sleeping spot which is both portable and easy to use.

Personal Care – when you’re out in the woods, camping personal care products become a lot more essential. The FeatherLite Survival Kit, for example, includes a variety of essential supplies to use in the event of an emergency. These include a button compass, survival towel, waterproof matches, and more. You can also find electrolyte tablets, elastic bandages, dressings, and more in our selection.

Camping is a fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Plan your next camping trip and go on an adventure with a durable, reliable camping gear.

At, you can always find what you’re looking for. With our vast selection of camping supplies from renowned brands, we can get you geared up to go off the grid. Here at, we can guarantee you an awesome camping experience. Shop now!

Camping Supplies

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