Aluminum Pots and Pans

Are you looking for aluminum pots and pans designed for camping and outdoors? Here at Sumoshop, we have stainless steel camping pots and butane camp stove from known brands such as Electra, Terra, Coleman and more. Take pleasure in your camping experience and prepare your meals conveniently.

Our selection of camping cookware products includes the following: 

  • Elektra FE Cook System – this butane camp stove allows you to cook your food quickly and conveniently. It is high-performing and even reduces boiling time by up to 28 % while saving your fuel by 20 %. When camping, you can have a hot bowl of soup in just 2 minutes. A handy stove with hard anodized aluminum clip-on windshield and nonstick coating. Cooking outdoors will never be a challenge again!
  • Rugged Mess Kit – this set of camping pots is made of high-grade materials. It’s basically a kit with a pan, pot, plate, and mug good for one person. Bring this with you on your next camping trip and enjoy comfort at its finest. You can rely on its good quality as it’s made by Coleman. Available in black and red design.
  • Terra HE Cook Set – this cooking set includes a variety of pieces including a 1.75L pot with measurements, a 1.7 pot, and a frying pan that can also be used as a lid. It’s a versatile set that is made of rugged anodized aluminum with a nonstick coating to give you convenience while camping. Also, its Heat Exchange system will cut cooking time so you can enjoy your meal in no time!

You don't need to compromise the quality of your meals just because you're not home. With our variety of pots and pans, you can still enjoy your favorite home-cooked meals. So, hurry and browse our selection now!

Aluminum Pots and Pans

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