Camping First Aid

When venturing into the wilderness, having some sort of camping first aid is necessary. We at Sumoshop offer various portable medical equipment, insect repellents, and ready-made wound care kits. With the right items in your outdoor first aid kit in addition to training, you are prepared to face the great outdoors.

Prepare for your camping trip with our wide selection of items for your outdoor first aid kit which includes the following:

  • Survival, rescue, and emergency tools – these tools can help you get easily spotted by your campmates and rescuers in case you get lost. These include signaling mirrors, whistles, tick removers, survival towels, insect repellents, as well as various kits such as wound care kits, snake bite kits, and many more.
  • First aid kits – preparing a first aid kit that is specifically for you and your body’s tolerances can be great. However, if you don’t have the time and money to prepare one, you can get compact and ready-made first aid kits with sturdy, durable packaging (some are even waterproof). A proper first aid kit is capable of stabilizing minor injuries like cuts and illnesses.
  • Trauma kits – it is difficult, or sometimes impossible, to stabilize severe, life-threatening injuries such as deep wounds, extreme bleeding, and falls from a significant height with a first aid kit. For those types of injuries, you will need a trauma kit which includes medical equipment and medicine that address airway, blood circulation, and bleeding of the patient.

Get your camping first aid needs here at We only offer the best, reliable medical, survival, and emergency tools and kits to give you a fun, worry-free camping trip.

Camping First Aid

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