Shower Items

If you are into camping or hiking, then you need the right shower items so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Camping towels, camp showers, and bath wipes are just some of the products you can find here at With the correct shower items, showering while camping won’t be so hard at all.

The following are the types of shower items we offer at Sumoshop:

  • Microfiber camp towel – this deluxe towel is ideal for camping, traveling, and even home use. Made from ultra-fine microfiber fabric, it’s super absorbent, soft, and quick-drying. It also comes with a mesh bag for easy and clean storage.
  • Microfiber PT pod – this workout towel is ideal if you are looking to incorporate physical fitness training in your trip. This pocket-sized towel folds well into its pod and features a zippered security pocket. It is extremely absorbent and dries faster than the normal towels. Besides, it features antimicrobial silver ions that prevent the build-up of odor.
  • Folding clear water bucket – enjoy your shower experience with this heavy-duty bucket that is made of durable PVC. Its weight and folding ability ensures easy storage and makes it ideal for camping. It can hold a capacity of up to 2 gallons.

If you are looking for affordable yet quality shower items, be sure to visit us at We have a vast collection that you can choose from.

Shower Items

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