Camping Stoves and Fuel

For campers and hikers who spend days on their adventure, camping stoves and fuel are a basic necessity. We at Sumoshop ensures that this basic necessity is provided with our wide variety of butane camp stove, folding stove, butane stove fuel, and more.

One of our products is a butane/propane camp stove which comes with three flips and stoppers which hold the pot or whatever it is you use to cook. It also has a knob to regulate the amount of heat being produced. It also uses a small tank containing propane or butane.

Another is the folding stove which is a long-lasting, compact cooking platform that can also be used in emergency situations and uses several types of fuel which include biofuels and UST fuel cubes.

We also have a fuel bottle which allows you to conveniently and safely carry your stove fuel with you. There are a variety of sizes available, the largest of which is capable of containing up to 1 liter of fuel. And since the bottle is made of impact-extruded aluminum, you don’t have to worry about any cracks and leaks at all.

Lastly, we have a camp stove toaster which allows you to toast up to four slices in one go. It comes with a long-lasting steel structure that is rust-resistant and easily foldable for easy storage.

Here at, we give you a value for your money by providing high-quality and reasonably priced stoves. Be prepared for your next camping adventure. Choose from our selection of quality stoves now!

Camping Stoves and Fuel

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