Camping Stove & Grill

If you are planning to prepare meals for the entire camp, it is crucial that you have a top-notch camping stove & grill. Sumoshop offers a range of products that suit your style. Our selection of camp grill, portable propane grill and, butane camp stove will help you have the best camping experience.

Here are some quality products we offer:

  • Dual fuel stove – this Coleman dual fuel stove comes with a single burner and is ideal for making meals in any weather. It comes with a wind protection and built-in pot support. It only takes 4 minutes to boil a quart of water, making it perfect for emergencies, camping, and hunting. Additionally, it’s very affordable as you have the option to use unleaded gasoline or Coleman liquid fuel.
  • Camp grill – this deluxe camp grill comes in handy when you want to heat up a coffee or soup with friends. You just need to place it on top of the fire. It’s made of nickel, thus making it quite sturdy. It’s also foldable for a very convenient storage.
  • Camp stove toaster – cook breakfast with ease using this camp stove toaster. It has a diameter of 9 inches and can make four slices at a time. As it is made of durable steel, you can expect it to last long. It also comes with coated wires for easy storage and rust resistance.

With our wide selection of camping stove & grill, you can prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner as you go camping. Shop here at now!

Camping Stove & Grill

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