Canister Stoves

Are you looking to take an adventure far from the city and you are need of canister stoves? When you shop at Sumoshop, you will get premium quality equipment to make your cooking easy on your adventure. Our selection includes things like canister stove, cook set, and foldable burner.

Our selection of canister stoves to choose from includes the following: 

  • Crux lite solo cook system – make the most of your time outdoors with this super light and affordable rucksack. With an average burn time of up to 90 minutes, this lightweight stove can boil water fast. The set includes a frying pan with a lid, a non-stick coated saucepan, and a crux lite stove that comes with a nylon storage bag. You can keep it in the mesh carry bag for clean storage.
  • Crux w/Terra weekend HE cook set – this is a versatile package that comes with a crux stove and a Weekend HE cook set that includes a 0.95-liter heat exchange saucepan with non-sticking coating, a folding crux stove, a frying pan that doubles as a lid, pouring lip, measuring marks, and a mesh storage bag. It has an average burn time of 60 minutes and takes 3 minutes to boil 1 liter of water.
  • Crux lite new – if you’re looking for an extremely lightweight stove to take with you during your adventure, then look no other than the Crux lite. It is one of the lightest stoves on the market, weighing only 3 ounces. It has a burn time of 90 minutes and a boil time of 3 minutes per liter. This powerful 3000 burner can simmer and boil water fast without causing a spot burn.

It is vital to have the right canister stoves when you plan to camp for days. Here at, we offer a variety of camping supplies that you can choose from. Look no more. Browse our selection now!

Canister Stoves

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