Liquid Fuel Bottles

Having the right liquid fuel bottles will make your camping adventure easier and a lot more convenient. Here at Sumoshop, you can find the right camping fuel bottle and butane stove fuel for storing your fuel. With these products, you can safely stash your fuel without worrying about it spilling or causing unexpected fires.

Here’s a selection of the products we offer:

  • Optimus fuel bottle – constructed from a piece of impact-extruded aluminum, this camping fuel bottle is designed for the Optimus liquid fuel stove. Its strong construction helps prevent cracks and leakage. It is also reinforced at the base as well as at the shoulders in order to resist bulging when pressurized. There are two variants available: one which is capable of storing 300 ml of fuel, and the other which can hold 750 ml.
  • Optimus child safe cap – in the event your fuel bottle’s safety cap gets lost or damaged, this child-safe lid is to the rescue. Aside from offering a convenient closure for your fuel bottles, it’s also designed to prevent your kids from accidentally opening your bottles. It also comes with an attachment point for securing your bottle to your backpack. This way, you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you are looking for liquid fuel bottles, you can be assured to get the very best with the ones in our selection. This way, you can create a campfire and cook your favorite meal during your adventure.

Liquid Fuel Bottles

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