Solid Fuel

With the help of a solid fuel, you can be able to cook your meals outdoors via a stable heat source. We at Sumoshop helps you enjoy that experience by offering you our quality solid fuel product.

A solid fuel provides the best heat source for outdoor stoves. Aside from that, it’s very effortless to transport and store. The fuel also does not have any danger of spontaneously combusting, unlike a butane stove fuel.

As of now, we have the fuel cubes from Ultimate Survival Technologies on our selection. This product is best when you are using the folding stove or micro stove from the same manufacturer.

The package consists of 8 cubes, each of them capable of lasting up to eighteen minutes which is fifty percent longer than most fuel tablets. Meanwhile, it’s capable of boiling water really quickly, allowing you to have a cup of hot water in just four minutes.

Due to their solid composition, you don’t have to worry about any spilling or accidental fires since you can store them safely. They also don’t need any container to safely hold them. As such, you’re not only getting a reliable heat source but a safe one as well.

If you want to cook easily and safely, then you should consider buying the solid fuel we offer here at Sumoshop. Enjoy a safe cooking on your next camping adventure!

Solid Fuel

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