Stove Repair Parts

If your stove needs repairs, you’ll need stove repair parts to fix the problem immediately. Here at Sumoshop, there are a number of repair parts you can choose from. Some of them include a propane adapter, stove repair kit, fuel filler assembly, and more.

Our collection of stove repair parts includes the following:

  • Propane adapter – is your propane adapter damaged? This propane adapter replacement is what you need. It’s guaranteed to be of high quality and is extremely durable, so you won’t have to worry about gas leakages or loose knobs after installing.
  • Svea parts kit – fortunately, you can now buy separate parts which will allow you to repair your stove with ease. In the event your stove no longer works due to a loose or missing screw or bolt, simply replace the missing or damaged part with the appropriate replacement included in this kit.
  • Fuel filler assembly – with this kit, you no longer have to deal with spills because of a liquid fuel. The filler stops you from spilling your liquid gas. Simply attach this to your Coleman liquid fuel bottle and start refilling your stove quickly, easily, and safely.

With our collection of stove repair parts here at, you no longer have to worry about any problems on your stove. Simply remove the broken part and have it replaced with one of the products in our selection. Shop now!

Stove Repair Parts

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