Tent Poles

Getting the best camping experience starts with getting the right camping tools, and one of them are tent poles. We at Sumoshop want to give you the best camping experience possible. As such, we offer a variety of essential pole tools like the adjustable tent pole, tent pole repair kit, and extending shelter pole.

Our selection of poles includes the following:

  • Adjustable tent pole – having these sturdy adjustable tent pole will help you set up your tent comfortably. It’s lightweight and can be carried inside your camping bag easily. It works with any tent, tarp, or canopy that has grommets.
  • Tent pole repair kit – you can never be too ready with camping incidents. It’s good to be prepared in case of unexpected emergencies such as when your tent pole breaks down in the middle of your campsite. This essential repair kit comes with a shock cord, wire for repairs, six washers, and two ferrules. It’s convenient to pack together with your other camping tools because it’s small and light to carry.
  • Twist lock extending shelter pole – this extending shelter pole is made of aluminum. It’s lightweight and also known for its durability. It’s convenient because of its simple twist and lock mechanism. Lastly, it’s extra handy with shelters and tarps.

If you crave an excellent camping escapade, don’t forget to pack these essential camping tent poles. Be prepared and feel every moment of your camping adventure. Get these here at Sumoshop.com now!

Tent Poles

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