Tent Repair Parts

When you have the right tent repair parts, you can easily fix damages and be prepared for emergency situations while camping. There’s plenty of options to choose from here at Sumoshop. We have duct tape, fiberglass tent pole repair kit, and a rubber repair kit in our selection.

Our selection of repair kits includes the following:

  • Fiberglass tent pole repair kit – this product replaces damaged or broken tent poles. It is made of fiberglass which will provide structure and stability for your tent. It will also help you save money. Instead of buying a new tent, you can get this as a replacement for your broken poles.
  • Rubber repair kit – with this kit, you can now quickly repair any plastic, soft rubber items, or vinyl. This kit includes a vinyl plastic and rubber cement which you can use to seal or attach a plastic part of your tent to another.
  • Duct tape – we have a number of high-quality duct tapes that you can choose from. Each of them has hundreds of uses which range from hunting to repairing your damaged or torn tent. It can also be a part of your emergency kit as well. It easily attaches to glossy surfaces like blinds, deer stands, guns, bows, and many more.

With our selection of tent repair parts here at Sumoshop.com, you can easily fix your camping tent anytime in the event of a damage. Additionally, you won’t have to be burdened by bringing a broken gear. You can now camp with fewer worries. What are you waiting for? Shop now!

Tent Repair Parts

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