Camping Tents

Camping is always an exciting thing to do. Everybody gets to enjoy and take the time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Thankfully, we at have all the camping tents you need.

If you are camping as a family, you can have the family camping tents or the 7-person tent. You can also choose from backpacking tents, expedition tents, lightweight backpacking tents, or 1-person tent if you desire to go camping all on your own. Alongside with these tents are camping shelters and screen houses which also gives you the comfort you need when camping.

What Products We Offer

There are lots of tents available in the market depending on your needs. Here at, you have a wide range of tents to choose from. Some of the products we offer are as follows:

1 Person Tent – solo camping tents are ideal for anyone who prefers to go camping alone. There’s a variety of tents you can find in our selection. You have the Bitter Springs UL Tent from Big Agnes 2, a very spacious tent with a number of amazing features. If you want a bug-free camping experience, you can go for the Bug Tent from Ultimate Survival Technologies. It’s specifically designed to keep bugs such as mosquitoes and insects at bay.

2 Person Tent – if camping with a buddy is your thing, the 2-person Camouflage tent is what you need. It has an earthy theme to it which suits perfectly with your camping experience. Aside from that, there are also other 2-person tents in our selection such as the Sirocco, Sundome Tent, Slater, and more.

3 Person Tent – this type of tents is ideal for accommodating 3 people at once. There are several products in our selection which comes in different shapes and sizes. A few good examples are the Cyclone and Hooligan tents.

4 Person Tent – if you’re looking for a tent that can fit four persons, then Cold Springs and Darkroom from Coleman are a few good options. Cold Springs has a front porch which is ideal for people who badly needs that extra space to place more stuff, while Darkroom comes with screens for a bug-free lounging.

5 Person Tent – if camping as a group is troubling you, the Green Mountain from PahaQue is a great help. It’s a dome-shaped tent that is very spacious and comes with an additional cover which can be made into a small front porch. Other options include the Orange Mountain Tent, Square Dome Tent, and Tent Inst Dome.

6 Person Tent – the Basecamp Quick Pitch Tent which comes with a modern outdoor look is an excellent choice if you are camping in a group of six. It has enough space to cater up to six people along with their baggage. If you want other options, you have the Evanston, Flatiron, Tenaya Lake, and a few others.

Camping Shelters – most of the time, tent covers are not enough especially when camping in a place with unpredictable weather. As such, you need to have an extra cover like the Cottonwood LT from PahaQue. This 10x10 shelter can provide you the additional protection you need from any kind of weather.

Screen Houses – if you desire to have a more open type tent, the Screen Arbor is what you need. It gives you ample space with enough cover while at the same time giving you a better picture as to what is happening outside. You can also choose from the few other options such as ScreenRoom and TAB Trailer Side Tent.

Make sure that your every camping activity will give you a rewarding experience. To make that happen, simply visit our selection here at and find the best equipment on your next trip.

Choose from our selection of family camping tents, camping shelters, screen houses, lightweight backpacking tents, and more!

Camping Tents

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