1 Person Tent

When you want to go camping to get away from your urban lifestyle, you’re going to need the best backpacking tents and expedition tents. At Sumoshop.com we have a great selection of camping shelters: from 2 person tents, 3 person tents, to family camping tents, and waterproof tents.

However, if you choose to go camping alone, you can feel the comfort of home with our single person tents and 1 person backpacking tents. We have the best one man tents for backpacking as well as ultralight one person tents and other lightweight backpacking tents for a lighter camping gear.

What Products We Offer

Here at Sumoshop.com, we have the best and most reliable one person tents from renowned outdoor gear brands. Whether it is used for camping or as an emergency shelter for your survival kit, our one person tents give you the safety and comfort you need in the outdoors. Below are some types of the tents you can find in our shop.

Dome Tents

Dome tents are designed for convenience and durability. The fiberglass rods that are used to pitch dome tents make them easier to erect, and it also makes them stronger and more durable than older styles of tents. Dome tents are able to withstand winds, and it can even resist falling objects such as branches and other debris. Alps Mountaineering and Big Agnes 2 make great dome tents that are designed for rough terrains such as the Bitter Springs UL Tent and the Mystique Tent.

Ultralight Tents

For campers and explorers who prefer to carry a lighter gear when going outdoors, an ultralight tent is a must-have. Ultralight tents are designed to be way lighter than a typical dome tent. However, some ultralight tents are not as durable as dome tents, but some manufacturers such as Big Agnes make high quality ultralight tents.

Bug Tents

Feel the fresh air when you’re out in the woods with bug tents. It gives you the feeling of being exposed to the tranquility of nature while protecting you from various insects and bugs.

Combine the comfort and warmth of your home and nature with our best high quality tents. Sumoshop.com has a great selection of one person tents and many other camping gears that every outdoorsman needs.

We only offer you the best gear from the best brands to give you the most amazing outdoor adventure. Get your outdoor gear for your next camping trip at Sumoshop.com. Shop from our selection of family camping tents, waterproof tents, expedition tents, and one person tents now!

1 Person Tent

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