Fire Strikers

Camping trips aren’t complete without fire – and you can’t do that without fire strikers! At Sumoshop, we offer fire strikers, flint strikers, and fuel-free lighters trusted by many outdoor enthusiasts. With compact fire starters, you can start a fire whether you’re in the camp or lost in the wilderness.

Choose from our wide selection of various fire striking devices such as the following:

  • Flint Strikers – these are compact fire starters that create sparks when you scrape it with a piece of steel. These fire starters are safe and waterproof. With skilled hands, you can start a fire quickly and easily. It is a must-have for every camper as a primary fire starter or a backup to lighters or matches and can be carried safely in any manner you want with its small size and lanyard hole.
  • Fuel-Free Lighters – the most efficient way of starting fires and is safer than your average lighter as it is flameless. Fuel-free lighters create an arc of electricity with an electric current that is strong enough to create fire, making fire starting easier under strong winds. These lighters can be recharged by connecting it to any USB port.
  • Fire Starting Kits – these kits are perfect for those who want a small pack of fire starting items such as a flint striker and tinder. These items are packed in a waterproof container to keep your tinder dry and ready for starting fires.

We at offer you reliable fire strikers that make fire starting a much quicker task. We understand the importance of fire in the outdoors, so we only have the best for you. Shop now at and get your campfires lit.

Fire Strikers

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