With igniters around, starting your own source of fire for cooking food while camping becomes a lot easier. Here at Sumoshop, you have plenty of options to choose from. We have waterproof matches, stoke kit, firestarter kit, and many more.

Our selection of igniters includes the following:

  • Firestarter kit – our fire starter kits are safe and very easy to use. The kit can be used for campfires or camping stoves. You can also use it even if it rains or snows.
  • Waterproof matches – have you ever experienced that you need to light a fire but could not do it because of wet matchsticks? Worry no more! With these waterproof matches, you can surely light up your campfire or camping stove even when wet. Also, they are compact and ignite in most of the dry rough spaces.
  • Stoke kit – our stoke kit is lightweight, and they are also a convenient igniter during emergencies or survival situations. It has a flint-based igniter which is made of first-rate brass. Including one in your emergency bag can be a huge help.
  • Fire disc – a fire disc is an ideal source of fuel for wood stoves or campfires. It is made of a highly refined wax and cedar. It is easy to light it up, not to mention it also burns hot. You can also break it apart into little pieces to extend its usage and ignite multiple fires.

Our selection of igniters here at Sumushop.com come from the most reputable brands. You can definitely have a reliable fire starter for your camping needs. Put your mind at ease and get one now!


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