Starting Fuel

With a starting fuel at hand, you won’t have to worry about starting a fire. Most novice campers have trouble starting fires because they don’t really know the right wood for the job. Here at Sumoshop, we offer a selection of starter fuel to make that easier.

Here are a few of the products that we provide:

  • Light Me Tinder 8 Pack – this product contains 8 fire sticks that can light up very easily. They can burn for 2 to 3 minutes continuously and even have the ability to light up even in the dampest forests. One of these fire sticks may even light brightly along with damp wood.
  • Emergency Tinder Kit – this is your complete emergency tinder kit complete with everything that you need to start a fire. It contains 8 pieces of waterproof tinder strips and a flint match. Use the flint match to light up the tinders. They can last for a max of 7 minutes.
  • Mag Bar – the Mag Bar consists of one magnesium bar and a shaver. With this, you can grind shavings of magnesium to start your fire. By striking the flint bar hard, you can make sparks that can turn into fires.

As you can see, all of our starting fuel products are very useful in helping you start fires. There is no need for a matchbox or a lighter when you have these. All of them can be found in Don’t forget to buy one now for your next camping trip.

Starting Fuel

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