Having a wonderful breakfast after waking up in a beautiful morning in the wilderness can truly kick-start your day. We at Sumoshop have the best breakfast meal kits for camping and emergency situations. We also have ready-made versions of your breakfast staples like powdered eggs and powdered whey milk buckets. You can enjoy home-cooked style breakfast even when you’re away from home.

When going on an outdoor trip alone or with a few people only, you can get dish packs that can be served for two people. Stored in a compact, resealable pouch, you can pack them in your backpack with ease. These are perfect as a backup for when you’re lost or have exhausted your food supply. Enjoy your outdoor breakfast with flavors like bandito scramble from AlpineAire and strawberry granola from Wise Foods.

However, if you’re part of a larger group, it is better to get breakfast meal kits and buckets that can accommodate everyone. These meal kits can even last for a number of days, making them perfect for emergency preparation. You can get your typical breakfast favorites like powdered eggs in a bucket. You can also pair it with a healthy powdered whey milk bucket for extra protein.

Never miss a good, healthy breakfast on your camping trip or when in an emergency situation. Here at, you can have your favorite breakfast meals and dishes in the great outdoors. With our selection of quality, long-lasting prepared foods, there’s no reason to miss breakfast. Get yours now here at!


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