Meals are always better with desserts, especially when camping. Here at Sumoshop, you can find desserts to add a little sweetness to your camping meal. Even when you’re out there camping, you can enjoy comfort foods like strawberry mousse, vanilla pudding, or cinnamon apple crisp.

Like most prepared foods that are created for emergency and survival, these desserts have a long shelf-life. In addition, they need little to no preparation and don’t even need any cooking utensil to be prepared.

For instance, the vanilla pudding and strawberry mousse from Wise Foods only requires water and a few minutes of waiting time before consumption. This is important during an emergency where you may not have any cookware as well as the time to prepare and eat a huge meal.

Moreover, these desserts contain lots of calories and proteins which are necessary for a survival situation where you need the energy to keep on going. They may not be as healthy as a bag of vegetables, but they give you enough nutrients in order to survive. For example, a pack of AlpineAire’s cinnamon apple crisp has 580 calories and 18 grams of protein.

With our selection of prepared desserts, you can always enjoy dessert – whether you’re in a camp sharing a meal with your buddies or you’re hungry and lost in the middle of the woods. Shop now at for camping desserts and add some sugar to your next outdoor trip.


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