Food Processing Supplies

If you’re planning to go camping for days, then you’ll need food processing supplies to keep your food preserved while outdoors. For your morning cup of Joe, you’ll need to have your own coffee maker. For your meals, it’s great if you can bring a good food dehydrator and meat grinder. Fortunately, Sumoshop provides all of these.

Check out some of the things you can buy in our store:

  • Magic Chef 12 Cup Coffee Maker – if you’re the type of person who always needs a cup of coffee in the morning, then you’ll need to have this machine with you. It allows you to make coffee even in the outdoors.
  • Magic Chef Counter Top Ice Maker – in a hot day, you’ll definitely want to just sit down and have a cold drink. However, you’ll need some ice to do it. You can now make ice with our ice maker. It can create 9 ice cubes per cycle if you just pour water inside. It’s perfect for when you go outdoors.
  • Magic Chef Meat Grinder – meat lovers will need this when they go traveling. With a meat grinder, you can bring your own meat which you can cook while you’re outdoors. It comes with stainless steel discs, blades, and a grinder head.

For all of your food supplies and equipment needs, provides them all. With our wares, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip to the max. So don’t forget to buy some of our appliances before your next outdoor camping journey.

Food Processing Supplies

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