Food Smokers & Accessories

For your camping enjoyment, Sumoshop has a long list of food smokers and accessories. Some of these include a good digital food smoker, digital thermometer, and a foldable kitchen cart so you can make your food while you’re at your campsite.

These are a few things we sell:

  • Gen2 Outdoor Smoker – if you like smoking meats like fish, beef, or pork while you’re breathing the outdoor air, you’ll love to have this digital food smoker. It’s a very efficient smoker with an 800-watt heating capacity. It’s also got a 700 square inch cooking space, allowing you a lot of room for your meats.
  • Brandley Technologies Digital Thermometer – the digital thermometer is used for accurately telling the temperature of the meat you’re cooking. That way, you’ll be able to know if you’re roasting your meat correctly or not. It uses technology for a very precise heat reading and is made of stainless steel for total durability.
  • Foldable Kitchen Cart – this foldable kitchen cart is very handy and easy to carry around because it’s foldable. It also has many functions. It can be used for the preparation of food, for serving food, and for holding your grill and smoker. It has a dimension of 24”D x 20”W which is spacious enough to carry stuff.

With, you have all the necessary things you’ll need for your camping trip. You have your food smokers and accessories all ready for you. Just order some of our wares today and enjoy a great camping trip with your family or friends.

Food Smokers & Accessories

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