Food Vacuum Packaging

Here at Sumoshop, we make sure that you can seal your food or game effectively with the help of our food vacuum packaging so they won’t be affected by the heat or cold. Our packaging products are of high quality and ensure total storage for whatever you need to store. We also sell vacuum sealer maintenance kits and vacuum sealers.

Check out our following merchandises:

  • Magic Chef Vacuum Sealer – this super secure vacuum sealer is great at sealing both meat and game you’ve caught. This sealer keeps them fresh even for days. It can keep the contents both dry or wet depending on what the contents of the sealer are. It does it with 2 control speed settings and dual pump vacuum power function. It’s also very easy to clean because the vacuum chamber is easily detachable and attachable again. It even has a marinate mode wherein you can marinate meat easily for just a few minutes.
  • Vacuum Sealer Maintenance Kit – this maintenance kit goes well with your vacuum sealer. It is used for keeping your vacuum sealer in good working condition so that you may use it continuously. This is a very essential part of your camping gear as it ensures that your vacuum sealer won’t give way in the middle of your trip.

If you’re looking for an airtight food vacuum packaging, then you’ve found it in We have all the things that you need in order to properly keep your food fresh no matter how long you want to stay in the forest.

Food Vacuum Packaging

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