Here at Sumoshop, you can now have the chance to try using recreation products outdoors. We sell blowguns and darts so that you and your friends can have a first-hand experience in these types of outdoor games.

At our shop, we offer some of the following products:

  • .625 4-Foot Blowgun – this blowgun is very powerful that it can be used for shooting short to medium range targets. It’s perfect for both outdoor games or indoor blowgun training. Additionally, it is 4 feet long and has a robust frame, thus giving you a longer distance and more power.
  • Blowgun Bamboo Darts – these darts are the ammunition you load on your blowgun. They are known to be very strong and sturdy because of their built. These bamboo darts also have the ability to penetrate most objects deeply if you know how to blow them properly. The ones in our list are sold at 50 pieces per pack.
  • Blowgun Quiver – the blowgun quiver we offer allows you to easily hold your darts so that you can take them out anytime you want. This gives you an easier time storing your darts when you are out in the wild looking for your targets.

Here at, we want you to have fun when you go camping. That’s why we offer recreational blowguns and blowgun accessories for you to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Buy your blowgun and a few bamboo darts today to start your target practice.


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