Blowgun & Darts

To hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, the use of blowgun & darts for shooting is more than just a recreational activity. It is a sport that they would really immerse themselves in. Blowgun “players” would have a complete set in their arsenal including their trusty blowgun, their blowgun bamboo darts, blowgun quiver, and a few safety darts included. All of those, we offer here at Sumoshop.

Here are a few of our wares that you can buy:

  • Laser Blowgun – any professional blowgunner would appreciate this piece of art. It’s a laser blowgun that comes with an anti-inhalation mouthpiece so you won’t breathe in while you blow the dart out. It’s also got fiber optic front sight and a nice grip handle. Most of all, it has an adjustable red laser much like a sniper. This allows better aiming to your target.
  • Nightshade Jungle Dart – this heavy-duty dart is one for the hunters. It’s a camouflaged dart that can’t be seen at night. It’s perfect for hunting animals, trapping them without them being able to see what hit them.
  • Professional .625 Caliber Blowgun – if you’re looking for a real, professional blowgun, then this one by Cold Steel will really appeal to you. It has a maximum range capacity of 20 yards or even higher. It is known for long range shooting, even for heavy darts. If you actually hunt animals, then this one is great. It will give the livestock a run for their money without really hurting them.

For professional games, offers everything that you need. You can buy a complete set of blowgun accessories and blowguns from our wares. Are you a professional blowgunner? Then shop with us because we’ve got everything you need.

Blowgun & Darts

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