Outdoor Games

One of the most common but still most fun outdoor games to play are ball sports games. Ball sport games will not only give you a real workout, but they’ll also provide you with lots of fun. We at Sumoshop, offer the highest quality outdoor balls suited for the rough outdoors.

Check out our Bocce Ball Sport set:

The Bocce Ball sport set is perfect for your next outdoor trip with your family and friends. With this set, you can play all kinds of ball games whenever you want with no preparation. It comes with a set of 4 big orange balls, 4 big green balls, and a small red ball.

They can easily be used and easily stored when you’re done using them. These balls are 100mm in diameter and have very bright colors so that they can be seen easily even during the night.

The big balls are used for the more strenuous games wherein you will need to run around while the small pallino can be used for throwing around or playing catch. All of them are made of resin material, making them durable and able to withstand outdoors.

To top it off, the package includes one polyester bag to carry the balls and a manual on how to play the game.

Are you going on a trip with your family or your friends in a few months or so? It’s better to go prepared with something fun to do. That’s why we at Sumoshop.com offer you with a ball sport set so that you’ll all have the time of your lives on your trip.

Outdoor Games

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