Sleeping Gear

Sleeping gears are probably the most important things to bring on a camping trip because you’ll need somewhere to sleep. For cold nights, you’ll need an insulated sleeping bag, sleeping bag liners, emergency blanket, and other sleeping gear. Fortunately, Sumoshop has all of that available for you.

●       Airbed 4-n-1 – an airbed is perfect for those who want to have a very comfortable night in the forest. Airbeds are extremely comfortable because they’re both soft and firm at the same time. You can actually choose the size that you want such as a twin bed or king-sized one. Best of all is that you can use it along with your emergency blanket and other sleeping gear.

●       Air Pump 12V DC – in order to inflate your airbed, you’ll need to have an air pump. also provides a strong air pump. This one has a very strong 12V DC power which enables you to inflate the airbed in just a few minutes.

●       All-Weather Emergency Bag – if you don’t really want an airbed, then you can also have the option to buy an all-weather emergency bag. It is an insulated sleeping bag with sleeping bag liners that is waterproof. It can keep you comfortable on rainy days and cold nights.

If you’re looking for some great sleeping gear for your camping trip, then has got you covered. For those who are planning on a camping trip, don’t ever forget to bring the right sleeping gear for your comfort.

Sleeping Gear

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