Camping Blankets

When you want to enjoy the great outdoors, you have to be prepared with all the necessary stuff needed to make you feel comfortable – camping blankets are one of them. For the cold nights, you’ll need the right blankets to keep you warm and heated. Some of the blankets we at Sumoshop offer include a first aid blanket, survival blanket, and an emergency blanket.

Take a look at some of them here:

● Nanoheat Blanket – the Nanoheat survival blanket is a great weather and spill-proof blanket that you can use when you’re sleeping under the stars. It has a special metalized coating that can also keep you warm if you’re feeling extra cold. It’s the perfect blanket for your camping needs.

● Survival Blanket 2.0 – if you’re looking for good camping blankets, then the survival blanket 2.0 is for you. This emergency blanket is both waterproof and windproof, making it weatherproof as a whole. It’s also lightweight and durable, allowing you to use it for several camping trips.

● SOL Series Emergency Blanket – the SOL series emergency blanket is something like an emergency blanket that may actually help you when you’re not feeling well. It has a 90% body heat reflection feature, enabling it to store in a lot of heat to keep you warm. It also doesn’t rip or tear easily, making it very durable. If anything should ever happen to you, you can survive in the blanket first while your rescuer comes to you.

At, we make sure that you get the highest quality camping blankets that you’ll be able to find in the market. Not only will you be able to keep yourself warm at night, but you’ll also be able to keep safe with your emergency blankets. Get one now as these are essential for your trip.

Camping Blankets

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