Camping Cots

Camping cots are great for relaxing while outdoors. The great thing about Sumoshop’s cots is that they are very easy to use and also have great features. We offer easy-to-use folding cots and a heavy-duty padded cots.

● Large Folding Steel Cot – first of all, we’ve got a large folding steel cot which is heavy-duty and water-resistant. It is made of a heavy duty black steel frame, making it really durable. Aside from just being steady, it’s also foldable, making it really easy to bring around when you need to.

● Hybrid Cot – the hybrid cot is very sturdy and is made of coated polyester which is great for taking any weight on it. It also has a special hoop and loop strap to make it easier for storage and also for carrying it around. It’s really one of the most practical camping cots you can find.

● Cot Queen Framed Airbed – this cot is a combination of an actual cot and an airbed. With this, you can relax outside your camper with the comfort of an airbed. All you have to do is inflate the airbed with your pump. It’s actually a heavy-duty padded cot for campers.

Do you want to have the best camping cots? Then come and browse our selection at We carry all of these and many more. Buy some of our signature products today for your next camping trip.

Camping Cots

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