Mummy Sleeping Bags

We have a selection of really great mummy sleeping bags for your comfort. Not only are these sleeping bags great for camping, but they are also really good for traveling. Here at Sumoshop, we have a lot of great travel sleeping bags that you can check out.

● Crescent Lake Travel Sleeping Bag – the Crescent Lake sleeping bag has a very soft material and complete insulation. This can keep you warm even during the chilliest nights. Also, it has a 2-layer feature that enables even further insulation. It also has a hood that can keep your head warm.

● 0 Degrees Mummy Sleeping Bag – this mummy sleeping bag is extremely warm and can go as low as 0 Fahrenheit. Aside from it being totally warm, it’s also very lightweight and made of polyester insulation. It has a special Thermolock heat loss blocker that traps heat inside. It can keep you comfortable any time of the day.

● Blue Mummy Sleeping Bag – this sleeping bag is a little bit different in a sense that it can fit both mummies and kids. With that, you and your kid can actually share the sleeping bag. It has a Thermotech fill technology for insulation and a polyester cover with polyester lining.

For the avid campers out there, these mummy sleeping bags are the best that you can find. They’re a perfect fit and have the most comfortable insulation. The next time you and your family go camping in the woods, you should consider buying one of the sleeping bags here at

Mummy Sleeping Bags

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