Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Sumoshop is your one-stop shop for the best rectangular sleeping bags for your camping trip. One jungle sleeping bag is all you’re going to need when you go camping, so might as well buy the best one. Not only are our bags comfy, but they can be used as an emergency survival bag too.

Here are some of our bags:

● Blue Fleece Sleeping Bag – this is one of our cozier rectangular sleeping bags that is made of fleece and has an all-around zipper. Not only is it great for camping, it is also really good for slumber parties and traveling. It also has a “no-see-um” mesh netting to prevent bugs from getting in.

● Emergency Survival Bag – if you’re looking for an emergency survival bag, this one is great for you. It is made of thick polyethylene material to keep you warm when you’re not feeling well. Aside from that, it is very sturdy and can even prevent hypothermia.

● Jungle Sleeping Bag – if you’re looking for the type of sleeping bag which you can use on the ground, this one is definitely the one that you should buy. It is made of a heavy-duty and thick material to prevent anything from the ground to get to you. It is also totally weatherproof so you’re protected even though it rains.

All of our rectangular sleeping bags at Sumoshop are of high quality and made using only the finest materials. If you’re looking for a good one to bring to your camping trip, then don’t forget to pay a visit to our store and buy one.

Rectangular Sleeping Bags

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