Fishing Gear

The right fishing gears make for an easy and enjoyable fishing activity. Whether you are new to fishing or a skilled veteran, you will have a hard and boring experience without proper gears such as strong fishing rods, fishing baits, and fishing lines in your fishing tackle box. Fortunately, here at, you can find what you need.

We want you to enjoy the best fishing experience, so we offer you top quality fishing gears from known brands so you can have an amazing fishing experience.

What Products We Offer

These are the fishing products you can find in our selection:

Fishing Rods – long, strong, and flexible, Sumoshop’s selection of fishing rods works for all types of fishing activity. Whether you plan to plan to do casting or fly fishing, we got the right rod for you. A few examples are the AETOS Fly Rod from Fenwick and the Accudepth Trolling Rod from Daiwa.

Fishing Lines – our fishing lines serve two important functions: to avoid getting the bait out of the water, and to allow you to cast it down the water at your desired length and hold your fish on the surface without it breaking. Our products are mostly made of fluorocarbon such as the AbrazX by Seaguar and EZ Fluoro by Spiderwire.

Fishing Bait – fishing baits are used for attracting fish to the end of your hook. You can choose from either dough baits, attractants, soft bait fishing lures, hard bait fishing lures, jigs, spinners, and more.

Fishing Reel – without a strong fishing reel, it will be difficult to tightly hold your fishing line and fish to the surface. However, our fishing reels are capable of rotating at 360 degrees, thus allowing you to have a tight rotation to fight against the fish’s resistance and hold your fishing line until a good catch. Also, our selection is ideal for various types of fishing activities such as bass fishing, crappie fishing, or fly fishing.

Fishing Bobbers – to set your fishing area and be aware of the currents and condition of the water, you will need fishing bobbers or floaters. Depending on your preferences and fishing activity, you can choose from oval, pencil-type, or snap-on round floats.

Tackle Boxes – with our selection of sturdy tackle boxes, you can store your tools, baits, personal clothes, and other gadgets inside to keep them secure and properly organized before, during, and after fishing.

Fishing Hooks – sporting a very sharp point and durable construction, our fishing hook products can easily help you catch fish and ensures its capture by closing any means of escape. Our selection features hooks of varying sizes to match your target and fishing activity. The Aberdeen lightwire hook, for example, is a perfect choice for beginners and applicable in freshwater fishing spots. Meanwhile, the Stinger hook from Gamakatsu is ideal if you want to go fly fishing.

Fishing Swivels – swivels are used to remind you the point between your fishing line and the terminal tackle. It will hold the tackle in place, preventing it from spinning and twisting your main line beyond your control. Our swivel products are available in different types which include 3-way swivels, McMahon swivels, and split rings.

Fishing Sinkers – fishing sinkers are used to increase the weight of your fishing hook. You can find fishing sinkers in different sizes and weight in our selection. Also, they are available in different types. A few good examples are the Carolina Rig Weight by Strike King Lures and the Egg Sinker by Eagle Claw.

Our selection of fishing gears at are all durable equipment made from well-known brands like Lews Fishing, Berkley, Daiwa, Gamakatsu, Okuma, and more. They allow you to enjoy a great fishing experience with your family and friends in just a fraction of the cost.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase now and venture into the fun world of fishing.

Fishing Gear

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