Boat Motors & Accessories

If you’re fond of boat fishing for recreational or commercial purposes, we at can provide you with the right choice of boat motors & accessories. We know your boat can be your means to getting that big catch. With the right choice of boat motors and accessories, props & parts you can go a long way.

We provide state-of-the-art boat motors & accessories to keep you afloat in your boat such as a trolling motor, portable charger, and/or replacement remotes. Our products are tested and proven safe and effective. Certain situations may arise as you go boat fishing. This could either be in the form of a motor failure, power outage, etc. As such, it’s always important to use only the finest products in the market.

To help minimize the occurrence of such issues, using the right boat fishing products and accessories is highly recommended.

Buying Options

We offer a variety of trolling motors to suit your needs.

You can try the RipTide Ulterra line of products for easier fishing. For example, the RipTide Ulterra trolling motor features a power trim and battery meter. You can adjust the depth of your motor to suit the changing weather conditions. With the help of the i-Pilot Link remote, you can now track your batteries’ state so you’ll know when they need recharging. It also has a composite shaft that is almost indestructible. Basically, this trolling motor will do all the work for you so that you can focus your attention to fishing.

The Minn Kota Fortrex trolling motor is a better option for those who have bigger boats. This answers the demand for a strong, well-built trolling motor for more frequent and serious fishing activities. The motor has an illuminated indicator that allows you to know where your motor is pointing to.

If you are looking for a battery motor that can give you motor power all day long, then the RipTide Transom trolling motor is for you. It features 112 lbs. of thrust and a steering control which allows you to perform a precise maneuver. It is perfect for use in saltwater areas.

Buying Pointers

If you’re up for fishing in a boat, your main concern should be a boat with smokeless and noiseless control. Your trolling motor can decide the performance of your boat, so it is important to consider these essential factors when choosing a product. 

  • Check the thrust - if the combustion engine is measured through horsepower, then your trolling motor should be measured by the thrust it presents. The best way to identify how much thrust you need is to check the weight and size of your boat. Basically, in every 200 lbs. of weight, there should be a total of 5 lbs. of thrust.
  • Determine the volts - if you are a fisherman with a 16-feet boat and sails all day long, you might want to go for a motor that has 24 volts. A 12-volt system can work with those who go out less frequently. However, if you are one who likes to fish more often, you should choose a 36-volt system.
  • Consider the mount - the most important factor you should consider is the mount since it will be the one to determine the motor’s whole performance. You can identify a good mount if it is reliable during its deployed and retracted state.

Our products can guarantee you quality and performance. We offer hot deals and provide only the best boat accessories and motors for you. At, you can find a huge selection of boat equipment that can help make your fishing activities more fun and exciting. Whether you are looking for a portable charger, a trolling motor, or replacement remotes, you can find them here in your one-stop shop.

Boat Motors & Accessories

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