Casting Rods

Are you looking for the best casting rods and fishing rod case to come with it? Here at, you can finally buy that perfect casting rod you’re looking for.

The most productive and popular method of presenting a bait to fish are casting and trolling. Lucky for you, we provide rods specifically designed for those methods. What’s more is that we also offer rods for your surfcasting technique. From trolling rod to casting rod and fishing rod case, you can get it here.

Products Available

For trolling, one of our popular products is the Daiwa AccuDepth trolling rod. It is a rod specially designed for trolling water sports fishes such as walleye, salmon, and steelhead. It features a hook keeper, graphite blank material, foam grips, and aluminum oxide guides. It can also fit in any fishing rod case.

The Fenwick HMG casting rod is excellent for casting techniques. It is a redesigned HMG casting rod from Fenwick. The rod is more durable, sensitive, and faster than its classic counterpart. Its TAC grips are grooved and shaped with key touch points that allow a sure tight grip even on wet conditions. It is also guaranteed to last long because of its stainless deep pressed frame guides.

For surfcasting techniques, you can try the Penn Battalion surfcasting rod. It provides excellent performance, strength, and style. It's tough and tacky rubber tube handle, reel seat, and aluminum oxide guides offer a secure and tight grip that’s perfect for both wet and dry conditions.

Buying Guide

When buying a rod, see to it that the components can withstand corrosion. It should be flexible enough to resist conditions or effects caused by the source of water you are fishing. For example, if you are fishing in saltwater, you might want to look for tip tops and guides that are made of graphite or stainless steel to fight off the corrosive effect of the water.

The length of the rod is also important. For surf casters, fishing rods that are very long are ideal. The length of the rods would range from 12 to 16 feet. The lengthier the rod is, the more distant can be reached and the deeper the cast will be. When trolling, short and stiff rods are commonly used to catch big game fish species. A casting rod’s standard length is roughly between 5 and 8 feet.

Action refers to the way a rod would bend. How much a rod bends under pressure will depend on the rod taper. Fast action tapering rods provide more action and would, therefore, bend farther downwards. Rods that bend near the top are usually used for bait casting because they offer better sensitivity to sense the fish.

You should look for a power that suits your fishing style. Power refers to the force required to bend the rod. Basically, you will gain more power to control the catch when you have a thick and short rod. For trolling, powerful and stiff rods with a little bend is practical. Meanwhile, less power should be considered when choosing casting rods as it helps set the hook firmly without tearing the flesh of the fish.

Whether you are in for surfcasting, trolling, or baitcasting, can help you find the best rods fit for your fishing needs. We offer only the best and finest quality to make your fishing experience a catchy one. From the biggest brands and the widest selection, you can never run out of options. You can also save more money because these products are conditioned to last long. You wouldn’t have to worry about buying another one in the month (or even years) to come.

Casting Rods

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