Downrigger Accessories

If you’re into trolling, then you should take a look at our selection of downrigger accessories for your manual and electric downriggers here at However, for a newbie fisher, the word might sound foreign. A downrigger is used for trolling, but it’s specifically intended for fishes that are far below the surface and require baits or lures to be kept at a certain depth as the boat keeps moving.

For your fishing activity to be successful, a quality and reliable accessory for your downrigger is essential. As such, we have an extensive list of the best downrigger accessories you can choose from. Each of them comes in its own specifications to help meet your needs. You can also find mounts, covers, wires, and other down rigger essentials.

What’s a Downrigger?

Downriggers were originally intended for fishing salmon and trout. However, as fishermen started to get creative, downriggers eventually ended up being used in salty bodies of water. Regardless of their application, the underlying principle still remained the same – they are used to get your lures down to exactly where you want them to be when trolling.

A typical downrigging unit is mounted on the boat’s stern or along the boat’s rear side. It consists of a spool, mounting bracket, a clutch/brake mechanism, rod holder, and a boom of a specific length. Units that are intended for use in saltwater normally feature corrosion-resistant components such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum.

Downriggers use a heavy weight that will help keep the bait deeper as possible than it can be with a traditional sinker. By keeping the bait further down while trolling, several species of fish such as walleye and salmon can be easily caught. An electric downrigger unit normally has a footage counter attached to help you know the specific length of cable released. You can also set your desired depth, after which the reel will lock into place upon reaching.

The design and construction of a downrigger may vary from one manufacturer to another. However, the basic components remain the same. Some of them are as follows: Arm, Cable, Clutch, Crank Handle, Weights, Counter, Reel, Rod Holder, Mounting, Release, Swivel Head and Pulley.

Choosing the Right Downrigging Unit

To make the most of your trolling activities, you will need a reliable and durable downrigging unit. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a downrigger from our selection:

 1.     Depth – before you decide on a downrigger unit, you should first consider how much depth you want to fish. Shallow waters will often require a basic downrigging model, while deeper waters will need advanced manual or electric downrigger units.

2.     Downrigger accessories – another important factor to consider are downrigging accessories. Some of the most important downrigger accessories include clip releases, terminator kits, and downrigger covers.

3.     Manual vs. Electric – there are two types of downriggers in the market: manual and electric. While it all boils down to personal preferences, we recommend electric models for deeper waters since it can retrieve the cable a lot faster – something which is definitely slower and harder when using manual units. Some advanced models even have advanced features such as fish finders to help you fish easily. However, if you are looking for a more affordable and durable option, manual downriggers are ideal.

4.     Mounting ability – a downrigger’s performance can be affected by its mounting position. However, it will also depend on the type of boat you use. Small units can be attached to the gunwale, while some can be attached to a fixed mount for more durability and strength. We recommend swivel mounts as they offer more flexible and versatile mounting options.

Downriggers are essential when trolling in deep waters. Choosing the right product for your style will depend on where you plan to fish, your desired fishing depth, and the type of boat you use. Here at, we offer quality downrigger units and accessories that will help make trolling a lot easier. Choose from our wide selection of products now!

Downrigger Accessories

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