Fish Finder Accessories

With fish finder accessories, you will no longer experience difficulties when searching for a fish to catch. We at can help you with our wide selection of fish finders & accessories such as portable fish finder and GPS fish finder. Moreover, with the accessories you can find on this page, you can boost your fish finder’s performance and increase its range and accuracy.

From underwater camera systems to transducers, you can find them all here. We have a wide array of fish finder accessories made from popular brands like Vexilar and Humminbird. With a fish finder, you can increase the chances of a big catch and double the fun.

Buying Tips

The transducer is considered as the heart of your fish finder, thereby making it a must-have item. We provide you with wide options for your transducer. To make sure you purchase the right one, you need to know two things:

First, you should buy a transducer that has the same brand to that of your fish finder since certain plugs may not be able to fit with other brands. Second, you have to make sure that the transducer wattage or frequency you choose will match that of your fish finder.

Various Types of Mount Transducers

Some of the complementary accessories that you buy will depend on how and where you install or mount your unit. 

  • Transom Mount Transducers - these are transducers that are fitted on your boat’s transom. This is the section of your boat which you can place entirely submerged in the water while still sticking below the hull area. Transom mount transducers are made of plastic which is why they are usually cheaper than other products.

It is not recommended to use them on boats with high speeds and on larger screw inboard boats. This is because the props on these boats can create bubbly water which in turn will interrupt the signal. Instead, they are ideal for trailered boats because they are easy to mount and install.

  • In-Hull Mount Transducers - in-hull mount transducers can only be used in hulls that are made from fiberglass. You need to see to it that fiberglass hulls air solid and have no air pockets. Wood or metal hulls will not work because they disturb sonar waves.

Since in-hull mounts are not placed below the hull, the unit would not accumulate damage, do not cause additional drag, and can be installed while the vessel is within waters. It also won’t gather marine growth thus making it easier to maintain. This type of inducer delivers a good reading even when the vessel is traveling at high speeds. Its big drawback is that it is only suitable for fiberglass hull, and any disturbances may interfere with the reading.

  • Through-Hull Mount Transducers - these can be further classified into two kinds: external mounts and flush mounts. Flush mounts are best for boats that are smaller and have lesser deadrise angle. A good example would be sailing boats. External mounts, on the other hand, stick below the hull surface. In order to properly aim the sonar beam, it would usually require a fairing block. This can be used for larger boats that always stay in the waters.

If you are in for effective and easy-to-use fish finder accessories, then you are in the right place. offers you a variety of add-ons and attachments that suit your fishing needs. We also have a lot of portable fishing and boating accessories that compliment your portable fish finder. You will be guaranteed with only the best quality and performance.

Since we value our customers, we will provide you a trouble-free buying experience. You can buy whenever and wherever you are. Also, you can enjoy free shipping for some of our products.

What are you waiting for? Browse in our selections now! 

Fish Finder Accessories

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