Fishing Bait and Attractants

Are you confused why your fishing baits and attractants failed to attract fishes as what they’re supposed to do? Maybe, it’s time you make a switch. At, you can find quality and natural fishing baits and attractants such as a dough bait and spray attractant.

With the right choice of attractants and scents, you can significantly improve the chances of fishes drawing near your bait. As a result, your chances of catching a fish drastically improves.

Why Use Attractants?

There’s been a number of controversies regarding the effectiveness of fishing attractants. A lot of fishers, both newbies and professionals, tend to ask if they can actually do the job of attracting fishes. 

According to various scientific research, certain species of fish are attracted to chemical sources which are up to a hundred yards away. There are other studies that revealed fishes have the ability to distinguish aquatic plants and other fishes within the same school through individual smell. Based on their studies, a fish’s smell is 1,000 times stronger and more powerful than a dog.

Now this begs the question, why use fish attractants?

  • You can have a bigger catch - a spray attractant, for example, will allow you to get more catches. This is possible by masking any unwanted human odors, something which is repulsive to a fish’s smell. You can find a number of options to help you decide which attractant you need.
  • It helps your catch relax - by using an effective attractant, you can help your catch relax, thereby giving you enough time to reel it in. This reduces the chances of a fish getting away from your bait which could cause nearby fish to stop biting. It will also make the fish hold on to the bait a second longer. 

How and When to Use Fishing Attractants?

Certain fishes such as crappies tend to bite just about anything as long as you’re fishing in the right area. However, they often get scarce from post spawn through fall, a period during which they are scattered. Therefore, you will need to be more aggressive with your fishing strategies. 

During this period, you’ll find that fishing becomes a lot more challenging, and this is where fishing attractants prove to be the most useful. If you’re struggling to get even a single bite, a fishing attractant will get the job done.

In particular, you should use attractants during summer seasons. This is because scent dispersion is at its strongest on warm waters, thereby making them a lot more effective. However, there are also other factors that will dictate you when you should start using an attractant. They are as follows:

1. Fish visibility

Certain elements can significantly affect a fish’s visibility. These include heavy rains, boat traffic, and strong winds. Once you notice that the visibility of the fish you want to catch starts to decline, using an attractant will help lure them in into your bait.

2. Fishing pressure

As fishes become more educated about stationary fishing tactics, they will develop an aversion to those tactics, hence causing your chances of getting a catch to decline. It is in such cases that trolling becomes more advisable. And when that happens, it’s ideal to dose up your baits with a fishing attractant.

By trolling, you can cover a wider water area, allowing you to spread the scent farther. As a result, fishes beneath the areas you passed through become stimulated. And when you return to the area, you’ll have more fish waiting to take your bait.

Fishing attractants are a great addition to your fishing kit, especially when you’re struggling to get a single bite. Here at, you can expect only the finest fishing baits and attractants in the market.

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Fishing Bait and Attractants

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