Fishing Bobbers

Fishing bobbers, likewise known as a fishing float, is one of the most important yet often overlooked components for baitcasting. If you’re new to baitcasting or constantly experience troubles detecting whether you have a catch or not, we at can help you with our wide selection of fishing bobbers and float fishing products.

Fishing bobbers are the most widely used angling tool for bite detection and more. You don't even have to worry about what bobbers to use. We have a wide selection to choose from including pencil floats, round snap-on, and oval floats for your fishing needs. You can just relax while you let the floats do the work for you.

Product Types

A fishing bobber comes in different types specifically designed to meet particular fishing conditions. It can suspend the bait at a predetermined level of depth, allow the baited hook to drift in a prevailing current, and also be used as a bite indicator. In other words, it can be easily used which makes it perfect for beginners. Here are the types of bobbers we can offer you: 

  • Round - round bobbers are hollow plastic balls with recessed hooks on the top and bottom part. Since round floats would not slide easily on your fishing line, you can perfectly use it at a depth between 7 and 8 feet. However, they are difficult to cast at greater depths.
  • Slip - these are bobbers with a round or oval piece of foam. It has a 3-4 inch plastic tube attached atop of it. You can tie a knot on the line or employ a bobber stopper at the desired depth. They are perfect for use in depths over 5 feet because they are easier to cast.
  • Spring - spring bobbers are made from either a round or oval foam piece. It has a 3-4 inch plastic tube mounted. You can find the small hook below by depressing the spring. Spring bobbers also don’t slide freely on the fishing line. You can cast it at a depth of 7 or 8 feet.
  • Peg - these bobbers are small round or oval foams with vertical lines cut in the middle. You can put the line in the cut area to secure it. A peg bobber is commonly used when fishing in ice as it’s easier to adjust at various depths.

Buying Guide

Complementing the perfect float with the right water and weather conditions is really not that hard. Since the condition of the weather and water current can change from time to time, owning different selections of bobbers is highly recommended. Most of our floats can be used in both moving and still water current. Because we care for our customers, our bobbers come in different types to suit any fishing condition.

You can choose the right size and style of the bobber by determining wind strength, waves, current, level of water, your bait’s type and size, and the needed distance of the cast. The essential principle in finding the right bobber is the diameter. Floats with large diameter tend to be more stable in the water, while wider floats are good to use in floating through rough water currents.

Capacity and buoyancy are also a deciding factor when choosing a bobber. By knowing the size number of the bobber, you can select the appropriate shot weight for it. The shot weight and quantity required to maintain proper balance will depend on the bobber’s capacity.

We at would like to offer you only the highest quality and effective fishing bobbers. By the time you get to the waters, you are guaranteed to experience quality and effective fishing with only the finest bobbers from our selection. Feel free to choose whatever you want from our selection. You can even select your desired bite indicator. Here at, we make sure you will have a hassle-free buying experience.

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Fishing Bobbers

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