Fishing Hooks

If you’re planning to head off the nearest lake to score a big and prize-winning catch this weekend, simply gear up with reliable fishing hooks, and you’ll never have to worry about losing a catch. Don’t let that fish swim away with an array of fishing hook collection from May it be a fly hook, worm hook, bait holder hook, or a lightwire hook – you name it, we have it. The collection comes in different shapes and sizes and in the best quality possible! So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our selection of fishing hooks and gear up now for your next trophy-worthy catch!

Products List and Overview

Here at, we know the dire need for that perfect fishing hook to guarantee a great catch. That is why we offer an array of fishing hook selection that best fits the user’s goals and purpose. For your reference, we have listed below some of the most common types of fishing hooks and their basic features: 

  • Aberdeen hook – made from light wires which inflict minimal damage to the bait, thereby allowing it to stay alive longer and allows an easier deception for your prey.
  • Assist hook – designed for use on vertical jig lures that typically aim to catch rock fish or lingcod.
  • Baitholder hook – keeps the bait from sliding off the hook with its shank’s multiple barbs design.
  • Circle hook – considered to be the fish-friendly hook. This unique circular design keeps the fish gut’s intact when the bait is swallowed.
  • Worm hook – hailed to be the best all-around bass hook as it a versatile hook that is mostly used to rig plastics in a number of ways. It can be used in rocks, timber, and weeds.
  • Weighted hook – the added weight of the hook allows baits to appear less clunky and smaller. It is more weedless since it doesn’t slide off and snag on vegetation.
  • Treble hook – designed with a common eye shared with three points, this hook is perfect for artificial lures and excels also when cut bait is necessary.

Buying Tips and Guides

Hooks are underrated fishing accessories but are the most important contributor to that perfect fishing game. When hooks are not set up right, dull, not durable, of the wrong size, or does not match the user’s goals, you’ll certainly go home empty-handed.

Here are some tips to select, rig, and manage your hooks to maximize catch percentage. 

1. Select appropriate hook for your plastics

A hook that is too small risks you not getting into the fish’s mouth or having a limited gap to attach through the plastic. Meanwhile, a hook that is too big will affect the fish’s fall rate and action.

Rule of thumb: use the biggest hook that can easily fit into the bait’s main body.

2. When possible, always upsize trebles

To increase the percentage of landing, upsize the treble hooks of the hard baits. When the company releases a bait that comes with size 6 hooks, buy a size 4 hook to catch more fish.

3. Size and thickness matters

The thickness and strength of the wire are equally important as the hook’s size. Remember to choose the right proportion of the hook size and thickness to ensure a maximized fishing game.

Fishing hooks are vital accessories that can either make or break your next fishing game. Fortunately, our shop caters to your various fishing needs through our fishing products of the finest quality. With our vast selection of fishing hooks and comprehensive customer service, your high catching percentage is certain. We don’t just offer quality products, we also aim to serve more fishers and hobbyists like you.

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Fishing Hooks

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