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Anglers and enthusiast alike always give importance to their fishing lines, rods, and reels. The market for fishing lines is swarming and vast. If you’re confused with so many options to choose from, we at can help you.

Here, we guarantee that all our products are of high quality and give you only the best performance. Whether you are looking for a saltwater or freshwater fluorocarbon line, monofilament speed line, etc., you will be assured that you can find the right fishing lines to do the job. Feel free to browse our full selection of fishing lines.

Product Type

There’s a wide variety of fishing lines in the market. However, professional anglers usually choose three main kinds of lines depending on the type of fishing activity they are doing. It is similarly important to match the water condition and target fish species with the fishing line that you are going to use. 

  • Braided – it’s the oldest, strongest, and most durable type of fishing line. It is composed of multiple braided strands with clear coatings for additional strength. This type of line is the most popular among fishing lines. It is also known for its flexibility. It is easy to cast, and the line would not stretch so it is also good for bass fishing. However, braided fishing lines may not be suitable for spinning reels because of the frayed strands and nicks.
  • Monofilament – it’s popular for its transparent color and easy casting feature. It is good for float fishing. Compared to other types, it is stretchable and would not sink. Its durability is enough for it to be used in streams, creeks, or water source that have rough conditions. It is affordable and easy to use and comes in a range of strains and colors. It has better abrasion resistance than braided fishing lines, although they differ in strength.
  • Fluorocarbon – this type of line is insusceptible to UV rays. It is almost invisible to the fish, making it a good choice among professional anglers. This type of fishing line has longer shelf-life so you can save for the longer run. However, it won’t float. The line is perfect for bait fishing and deep fishing.

Buying Guide

If you’re unsure which product to buy, here are some factors to help you decide:

1. Abrasion Resistance

If you want a fishing line that can last for a long time, choosing a line that has abrasion resistance is ideal. One good example is the AbrazX freshwater line by Seaguar. Remember that your fishing line will be exposed to different conditions such as UV rays exposure, moisture, and obstacles like rocks and trees.

2. Visibility and Color

The depth and the condition of the water source you’re planning to fish is another important factor to consider. Fishing lines that are translucent are good for clear water areas to make it less visible to the fish. On the other hand, colored lines are appropriate for fishing in darker areas.

3. Stiffness

Stiff lines are accompanied by high strength. The drawback is it is hard to control and cast. Stiffness can be based on the line diameter. Larger diameter means higher stiffness.

4. Line Strength

This is also referred as “test”. It is measured based on how much weight it can sustain. For example, if a 10-pound fishing line breaks, it means it can carry a fish weighing 10 pounds.

If you are looking for high-end fishing lines, there is no other place than here at We offer different kinds of lines, with choices ranging from fluorocarbon fishing lines, braided lines, to monofilament lines. We provide a wide range of colors, strength, and more. Also, our lines are made from materials that resist abrasion.

Fishing Line

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