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To dramatically increase your chances of a huge catch, you need to use the right fishing lures & other types of bait. Here at, we offer you just the right products to help with your fishing adventures.

We both know how important fishing lures are, whether in the form of a jig lure or micro lure. However, there is no jig fishing lure that works for every fishing situation. Therefore, it’s important to have not just one, but several fishing lures & other baits in your fishing kit.

Types of Fishing Lures

Unlike natural fishing baits, you can use artificial fishing lures for multiple fishing instances. They come in a variety of colors and designs. Typically, fishing lures are designed to mimic the movement and appearance of tiny insects and creatures in an effort to attract fish.

Certain types of lures are designed specifically for certain group of fish. For example, a lure used for catching bass might differ from a lure designed to target trout, and so on. These are the different lures you can find in the market: 

  • Jigs – jig lures are popular for a few good reasons. One, they’re relatively cheap. Two, they are quite versatile and ideal for any type of game fish. You can find a number of jig varieties such as football jigs, swimming jigs, and flipping jigs. Compared to other lure types, jigs will require more concentration with all of the “action” coming from you.
  • Spinners – this type of lure is easy to use, making it ideal for newbies. While there are various spinners you can find here at, such as the Bleeding Bait by Strike King Lures, they’re simply a lure with a spinning blade and steel shaft. The blade’s spinning motion will create sound and vibration which will attract the attention of your target.
  • Soft Baits – there’s a wide variety of soft plastic baits out there: worms, mice, craws, and more. They are designed to mimic a number of creatures attractive enough for fishes to take a bite at. However, most of them come in weird looking shapes that don’t resemble anything at all.
  • Spoon – considered one of the oldest fishing lure types, a spoon is still a solid and reliable choice for a lure. It’s made of a piece of metal with a treble hook located on one end and a loop on the other. Several varieties of spoons are intended to be cast, while some are meant for jigging or trolling. If you’re new to fishing, you might want to use a casting spoon as it’s the easiest.
  • Flies – if you’re up for fly fishing, you can find a huge number of flies here at You can find flies for every water type and fishing situation you can think of. They’re quite affordable and are effective in places where the fish will emerge to the surface.
  • Crankbaitcrankbaits are considered the holy grail of artificial lures mainly because they imitate baitfish quite effectively. You can find a wide range of sizes and colors for crankbaits. Their flat bills or lips allow them to deep dive underwater and help you determine how deep the lure will go down. The only problem with crankbaits is that they are expensive, although you’ll never regret it if you have one.

Once you have chosen your preferred fishing lure, the next time you should consider is to learn how to rig up your tackle. There are plenty of tutorials you can find online. Or, if you have a friend who do fishing, you should ask him to teach you.

For your fishing lure needs, and any other types of fishing gears, simply browse our selection here at

Fishing Lures Other

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