Fishing Rigs

Teach a man how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Offer a man the finest fishing rigs, and it’s gonna be a lifetime of fun and excitement! Here at, we do just that.

We have a selection of the best fishing rigs, from Johnson’s Beetle Spin to Gamakatsu’s catfish rig hook. With the right choice of fishing rig, complete with the essential hook, lure, fishing bait and attractantsgetting that highly prized catch is within your reach. We also have high quality fishing tools and accessories to complement your rigs and make fishing activities more fun and easier.

Basic Rig Types

Fishing rigs vary depending on how they are set up. You can notice slight modifications for each fishing rig, and there’s actually a reason for that. Without further ado, here are five of the basic rig types: 

  • Carolina rig – this type of rig is created to separate the worm from the weight. This way, it will give the worm a more natural freedom of movement. Despite being weedless, this setup will allow you to fish a worm faster in flat areas such as weedlines and ledges.
  • Wacky rig – the wacky rig is considered the easiest rig to tie. It makes the bait more natural looking by letting it sit horizontally in the water. You can choose to add extra weight to make it go down faster.
  • Texas rig – it’s a pretty simple rig to set up. It’s weedless and will present the worm horizontally with a bullet sinker. You can also go weightless.
  • Drop shot rig – as opposed to the Carolina rig, the drop shot rig has the weight attached at the bottom while the hook is located up to the line from a few inches to several feet. The drop shot rig will allow you to hold the bait in one place and lure in fish by shaking and fishing it up and down.

How to Use a Fishing Rig

Regardless of your purpose, whether it’s for angling, trolling, or some other type of fishing activity, you will need an excellent quality fishing rig such as Eagle Claw’s crappie rig. However, before you pick a fishing rig, you should first decide which fishing activity you want to do. Here are some considerations to take note of:

1. Pick the right swivel

Don’t go for fixed wire sinkers for your fishing rig. Go for swivels instead as they are more stable and movable once a fish has been caught. Moreover, retrieving is a lot easier compared to fixed wire sinkers. Medium-sized swivels are preferable since they won’t weigh your fishing rig down and can also sustain strong pulls from a large catch.

2. Choose a strong line

Your fishing line should be able to withstand the waves and currents in your target area. You will need a heavy line when you plan to fish in the sea. Meanwhile, fishing in calmer waters will call for a more flexible yet durable line such as Seaguar’s AbrazX fluorocarbon line.

3. Use appropriate baits and hooks

The type of bait and hook you should use for your fishing rig must be appropriate for the type of fish you plan to catch. If you want to fish for carps, a rig with dough balls is more than enough. It is important to choose bait clips and stops that will secure the bait you use in place.

Fishing isn’t just about having a set of fishing rod and hook. It’s also about using the right fishing tools and accessories such as fishing rigs, sinkers, swivels, lures, and lines among others.

Here at, we offer you the finest fishing products in the market. Our products are highly popular due to their quality and durability. Start shopping now, and make your fishing activity the best it can be!

Fishing Rigs

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