Fishing Swivels

Here at, you can find fishing swivels of various designs, colors, and sizes. From our inventory of products, you can find the barrel swivel which is among the most popular types. We also give you a number of options such as brass barrel swivel, 3-way brass swivel, ball-bearing swivel, McMahon swivel, and split rings. Though a small piece of fishing equipment, a swivel shouldn’t be disregarded to not compromise your favorite pastime.  

Buying Options

There is a lot of choices to choose from our product selection. Let us give you a quick overview of some our best products and their features.

To start, we have the Eagle Claw’s 3-Way swivel which has a duo-lock snap feature that can be conveniently paired to your tackle box. You can rely on this product as it features the most durable materials on the market. You can also opt for Eagle Claw’s 3-Way brass swivel when aiming for a more complicated fishing activity.

If you are familiar with ball bearing swivels, then you know how effective Berkley’s ball bearing cross-lok swivel is. Its rotating ball helps minimize twists exponentially, and its wire-over-wire lock guarantees the durability of the product. The Eagle Claw’s barrel swivel is another great option. This product does not easily snap when catching the most willful bass, catfish, or tarpon.

Even with the most expensive swivel, you always run the risk of opening the equipment accidentally. However, Gamakatsu’s G-Finesse tournament snap has a hook design that prevents such occurrence.

The aforementioned swivels are usable in both freshwater and saltwater application. They are proven and tested for durability and functionality. You may also browse for our connector sleeve, plastic beads, and split rings.

Tips in Choosing a Fishing Swivel

Eliminate the guesswork and take our expert tips when choosing a fishing swivel. Let’s face it. Most of the advertised products on the market have such convoluted labels and descriptions. A better way to ensure value is to learn the qualities of the best fishing swivels for yourself. Don’t overlook this part and learn these following valuable tips we have to offer:

1. Choose a swivel that works best with your fishing line and bait.

There are different types of swivel: barrel, ball-bearing swivel, crane, etc. All have their strengths and perceived disadvantages. Understanding their differences will greatly help you make an informed decision. Basically, you should consider the size of your bait or the fish you’re aiming to catch, along with the tension that your swivel can take.

2. Opt for a barrel swivel if you’re looking for an inexpensive alternative.

Although barrel swivels come in many different sizes and designs, they are the so-considered cheaper options. They can handle heavy loads without turning around and will only do so once the tension is released.

3. For a smoother performance under heavy tension, choose a crane or a ball-bearing swivel.

A crane and a ball-bearing swivel are both known to be the most reliable when under tension from a heavy load. They are best used when targeting a large catch.


Overall, brings you a wide variety of fishing swivels and relevant fishing equipment. The products come from the best brands with variations in pricing and design. You can surely find the best products from our list.

We make sure that you get the most out of your fishing experience. This is why we offer anglers, fishing experts, and enthusiasts with swivels of sufficient strength and durability. Our products are durable enough to take heavy loads to ensure that they don’t snap and release your prized catch.

Check out our range of fishing gear and fishing swivels today!

Fishing Swivels

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