Fly Fishing Reels

With a variety of fly fishing reels and rods in the market, you will definitely find it difficult to decide on the type of reel that suits your needs. Here at, we are dedicated to offering you a wide range of products that will make your fishing hobby more enjoyable and productive.

Choosing a Suitable Fly Reel

Before deciding on the fly reel product you want to purchase, ask yourself these simple questions first: 

  1. Is the reel suitable for your rod needs?
  2. What maintenance does it need?
  3. Does the arbor size match your liking?
  4. Is the reel made of the right material suitable for your type of fishing activity?

The three main important points to consider when choosing the appropriate fly reel are:

  • Reel size - it is important that your reel is capable of holding your backing and fly line for the rod weight you are using. For example, if you are using a 5-weight fly rod, your fly reel should accommodate a weight of between four and six.
  • Balance - the reel should be able to balance your rod in your hand near where you grip your rod’s handle. Doing so makes the rod lighter hence you don’t have to exert a lot of physical energy.
  • Material - the type of fishing activity you plan to partake in will dictate the reel material you need. Most of the reels are made of aluminum which is rust-resistant and can be used in saltwater.

At, we offer a variety of fishing reels including:

Single action fly reels – this type of reels is lighter and has exchangeable pools. The reel spool makes only one turn each time the handle is turned. Single action fly reels are lighter as compared to other types of fly reels. Most of them have exchangeable spools and are available in a wide variety you can choose from.

On the other hand, the line may be difficult to retrieve especially if the fish is large and strong.

Multiplier reels - this type of reel has a spool that turns many times for each revolution of the handle. The number of times the spool turns depends on the gear ratio. Multiplier reels are advantageous in that the line takes less time to recover compared to a single action reel. It is also stronger and more durable.

However, multiplier reels are disadvantageous in that they are a bit more expensive, heavier, and are available in a fewer variety to choose from.

Automatic reels - this type of fly reel is not much used today, although we still have it in stock. It is spring driven. The spring is released after the line is pulled, and it’s recovered by pressing a knob which is located on the reel side and releases the spring.

With automatic fly reels, it is easier and faster to retrieve the line, especially when sailing from one pool to another. They are suitable when you experience mobility problems and find it difficult to keep the line in control using your hands. Automatic reels are suitable when fishing for medium trouts.

The problem with automatic fly reels is that they are complex and heavy; most probably, they will not take you back to your backing.

Are you looking forward to purchasing new fly fishing reels and rods any sooner? is the right place to go. Our collection of fly reels is engineered to the best standard to suit your needs in all different categories of fly fishing at the most affordable price. We offer a variety of automatic reels, multiplier reels, and single action fly reels depending on your reel size, use, material, arbor size, and use. 

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Fly Fishing Reels

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