Hard Bait Fishing Lures

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Hard fishing lures have been in use since the dawn of the fishing era. From hand-designed pieces of wood to eye-dazzling models produced nowadays, hard body lures have continually made their way into the pockets and tackle boxes of several anglers.

How to Choose the Right Lures

There are different types of hard-bodied lures. To choose the right lures for you, you need to know two things: what you’ll use them for and where you’ll use them.

If you intend to go fishing in the dirty water, a small hard bodied lure can be an excellent choice for you. If you are planning to go fishing in clean, salty water, a brighter and larger hard body lure with no rattle is a perfect choice.

Common types of hard-bodied lures  

1. Spinners

This type of fishing lures has a spinning “blade” that moves around a metal shaft just like a propeller. One end of the shaft has a treble hook while the other one has an eye. Spinners come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Brass spinners have either steel blade or copper blade. They are most appropriate to use when it comes to catching fishes like Zander, Perch, and Pike.

Using this type of lure is as simple as ABC. You just need to cast and then reel/retrieve. If you really want to have a pretty cool experience, vary the rate of retrieval from fast to slow. At times, it is necessary to stop the retrieval to allow getting to the bottom before you can continue to reel it back in. A spinner moves in a manner that creates varying degrees of vibration and flash that mimics a small fish.

2. Spoons

Spoons have shapes that resemble that of a tablespoon. All spoons do not have the same shapes. In fact, some are just a strip of metal that has a treble hook on one end and an eye on the other. This type of hard fishing baits moves in a unique way while in water. Their movement imitates that of an injured fish. They are generally reflective, and that is why they produce splashes of colors to help them attract fishes.

3. Buzzbaits

These hard fishing baits have the strangest look. They do not resemble other fishing lures. They are actually surface fishing lures and cause a large amount of disturbance on the surface of the water. This helps them attract the predators’ attention.

4. Plugs

These fishing lures are usually made from wood and hard plastics. They have two hooks attached to them. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The depth to which this type can dive down to is normally determined by the angle and the size of the fin. Some have 2 or 3 body sections. Some are jointed at the middle to make the swimming action easy.

5. Jerk Baits  

Jerk baits are one of the simplest lures in the market. Their shapes resemble that of a fish. They are commonly made from hardwood or hard plastics. Compared to plugs, they have more weight, and this enables them to sink to the bottom. You will need to jerk this lure with the help of a rod in order to give it a random and erratic movement in the water.


For those who love lure fishing, there are several different options when it comes to choosing the right lure. Before you choose any of them, consider the conditions and the situations you are in. If you really want to try lure fishing, start by doing an in-depth research.

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Hard Bait Fishing Lures

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