Jig Heads

Do you have a hard time catching fish because you don’t use any jig heads? Here at Sumoshop.com, you can choose from a variety of jig heads and swimbait heads to suit your intended fishing environment.

We offer high-quality fishing equipment appropriate for your fishing needs. We assure you that our products are effective in luring different kinds of fish. All you need to do is browse our selection and select which jig head to buy.

Product Types

There are a lot of options to choose from. We offer assorted jig heads from Strike King Lures. One of them is the Hack Attack Fluoro Flipping Jig which is characterized by a fishhook heavily covered with dangling plastic to effectively attract fishes. It is designed to maintain stability on heavy wood and can be dragged out easily.

If you want a flexible jig head, you can choose the Berkley Snap Jig. It can be cast and retrieved in backward and forward or side-to-side motion.

We also offer jigs and swimbait heads from Eagle Claw. These products are designed to trick fishes into thinking that the hook actually looks like one of their kind. They come in different shapes and colors depending on the fishing conditions. When you’re looking for a multipurpose head matched with a sharp hook line, you can always choose the TroKar Swimbait Head. However, if you target a big fish, Trokar Tube Jig is the right product for you. It features an elongated head design that makes it realistic while landing on the bottom.

Buying Tips

Unable to choose from the array of products we offer? Here is a list of things you need to consider in selecting the right jig head.

1. Head Profile

Of course, there is always a reason behind the different shapes of jig heads. The ball head is used in deep waters enough for it to stand upright. Meanwhile, the dart head profile is usually for soft plastics. It makes a 45° angle and is perfect for low waters. The football head is primarily used on crabs and other crustaceans lurking in their holes. It allows the catcher to slowly retrieve the presentation.

The stand-up jig has a flat head and makes a 45° angle on the bottom surface. It is famous for mimicking wriggling figures. Meanwhile, seagrasses won’t be an obstacle for the skimmer head profile. It is molded to effortlessly maneuver in a grassy setting. Lastly, the tube jig is used in hard to reach environments such as mangroves.

2. Hook

When it comes to hooks, you need to consider three features: hook point, hook gap, and hook wire strength. Always choose a jig with a sharp hook point since it can quickly penetrate the fish. A hook gap is the distance between the hook point and hook shaft. A wide hook gap is always the better choice. Finally, the hook wire strength depends on the fish’s size. A thin wire is ideal for a smallmouth fish, while a thick wire is ideal for a jumbo fish.

3. Jig Weight

The ideal jig weight depends on certain circumstances. For example, a light jig will do best under normal scenarios while a heavy jig is ideal for strong currents.

4. Jig Color

As long as the color matches the bait attached, the jig can perform well underwater. However, turbid waters or low-light settings require bright-colored jigs for more visibility of the fish.

Patience is not the only ingredient for a good catch. It requires proper knowledge and the right fishing equipment to attract fish. Here at Sumoshop.com, we can provide that for you. With these high-quality products, we assure you that you will not regret stopping by our site.

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Jig Heads

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