Soft Bait Fishing Lures

Using soft bait fishing lures for fishing can help you develop your aptitude for feeling bites. After all, fishing with the help of soft bait lures requires a lot of patience since you need to feel the fish bite your soft fishing lures. We at can help you with our selection of the finest soft lures along with a number of live target fishing lures.

Types of Soft Fishing Baits

There are different types of soft fishing lures to accommodate different fish species. The following are some of the most widely used types: 

  • Grubsgrubs are a longtime favorite for catching fish of any species. This type is often made of a soft plastic round body and features a curly tail for various actions.
  • Worms – possibly the most popular type of soft baits, worms can also be considered as the easiest type you can use for practice fishing. You can find a number worms with varying lengths and tail designs. There are curl tails, vibe tails, straight tails, and more.
  • Tubes – tubes are soft plastic baits with hollow bodies and tentacles at the base. Most tubes are rigged with a jighead and often used for fishing smallmouth bass. They are also versatile and can be rigged as bait by using either a Carolina or Texas rig.
  • Craws – as the name implies, craws are designed to mimic the crawfish, one of the most favorite foods of bass. They’re often available in lengths of around 3-4 inches and come with a set of claws at one end and a tail on the other.
  • Creatures – this type of soft bait often involves worm designs having multiple appendages. Due to the presence of multiple appendages, creature baits will have more action and look alive and realistic.
  • Leeches – these are simply a basic variation of grubs, except that they come with a rounded head and a flat body on its sides. Leeches are the ideal bait for fishing on waters with high angling pressure.

Tips for a Successful Soft Bait Fishing

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert when it comes to fishing, you need to follow effective tips to successfully get a catch. Especially when using soft bait lures, these are some tips that can help you:

1. Go Weedless

Fishing by using weedless baits has proven itself to be a productive fishing style for use in creeks and inshore waters. However, the jerk bait is often overlooked when it comes to fishing in shallow bodies of water.

I suggest using the jerk bait as one of your main fishing tools. Make sure to always rig your rod with a jerk bait paired with a worm hook each time you go fishing in shallow waters, particularly in waters less than 3 feet deep.

2. Pick the Right Type and Color Depending on the Situation

Sometimes, effective soft bait fishing all boils down to your selection of soft baits. There’s a reason why soft baits don’t use the same colors and appearance. For example, a realistic and natural-looking presentation might be outperformed by a brighter and more colorful bait in murky waters. After all, those vivid colors show up a lot better than light, natural ones. Also, baits that depict odd-looking creatures are a lot more effective when used in murky waters.

Fishing is not an easy hobby, but it’s definitely fun and exciting. Fortunately, you can make the experience a lot more exciting and less too difficult by using the right fishing tools and baits.

To start, simply choose from one of our baits/lures here at You can certainly find the right one to meet your needs, fishing styles, and budget. Shop now!

Soft Bait Fishing Lures

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