Spinning Reels

With the numerous options of spinning reels out there in the market, you just can't help but be bewildered with all the choices. Having a problem in choosing the perfect reels for your fishing adventure? We at Sumoshop.com would like to help you with that.

Our spinning reels are guaranteed to provide great performance and long lifespans to help bring out your fishing potential, whether be it in freshwater or saltwater. We have a wide variety of spinning reels to aid you with your fishing. Are you looking for crappie spinning reel or spinning reel for bass fishing? We got them all here and more!

Product Basics

In order to be fully capable of using this fishing tool, it is important to know the parts that comprise it. They are as follows: 

  • Spool - this part is responsible for holding the line. Its sizes vary as well as the amount of line it can hold.  The line capacity and pound test can be found on the spool. Fishing lines with a smaller diameter can cast further and increase the line capacity that can be placed on the spool. When casting, the fishing line uncoils off with the spool as the weight of the lure or bait is pulling it. Matching the reel with the spinning rod based on the weight of the line is greatly important.
  • Bail - this part serves as the wire mechanism. It either allows or prevents the line from coming off at the spool. It has two settings: closed and open. The bails have a line roller that prevents the line from twisting when the fish heaves the line off the spool. When the line is being heaved off the spool through the bail’s line roller, the handle should never be reeled.
  • Handle - the line in the spool is retrieved through the handle. It should not be used for reeling back a struggling fish that pulls the line off at the spool. Spinning rods are the ones responsible for that. The reel handle only acts to collect the slack line and have it rotate again at the spool.
  • Gears – they are an essential part of spinning reels. Gearing is important to make sure the reel runs smoothly. The gears are responsible for controlling how many times the rotor rotates entirely when the handle of the reel is cranked for one revolution.
  • Drag and Drag Washers - when selecting a spinning reel, it is important to look for one that provides a smooth drag with consistency. A drag that is jumpy is not advisable.
  • Ball Bearings – they determine the quality of the reel. Ball bearings with a great amount will mean an easy line retrieval. Bearings with good quality provide less friction and allow an effortless reeling of the handle.

Spinning Reel Maintenance

Fishing tools are inevitably exposed to the open environment, particularly with the corroding effect of saltwater. In this case, it is important to take care of the exposed parts with fresh water after use. Do not submerge or spray the reel with freshwater. Salt and water will only enter the internal components. Misting it with water is enough. There are also sprays available that help in maintaining the quality of your spinning reel. 

We value the fishing experience of our customers. That is why we provide only precision performance and corrosion-resistant spinning reels and other fishing gears. We at Sumoshop.com also recognize your different needs. This is why our products are designed to particularly suit the variety of fishing demands. Do not miss these wonderful offers. Check out our full lists of spinning reel products now!

Spinning Reels

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