Tackle Box

Are you looking for a tackle box or a large tackle bag for your organizing needs? Sumoshop.com has the answer. We provide a range of tackle boxes to help you settle your fishing tools and gears in a proper place. You can easily find your lures, gears, baits, and more in an organized manner. If you are searching for a particular tackle bag, a Barbie tackle box, etc., then we got what you need. You will be assured that our tackle boxes are easy to carry and can help preserve the lifespan of your fishing gears.

Buying Tips

The most important thing to consider upon choosing a tackle box is to ensure that it is suitable for the kind of fishing you will undertake. Trout fishing, fly fishing, and deep sea fishing would require a particular type of tackle, and the tackle box should best suit the kind of tackle it will hold. Functionality is the key to choosing a tackle box.

Important Features

Tackle boxes with traditional style should have sturdy hinges and handles. The compartment should have the ability to accommodate the amount and type of tackle that it holds. Tackle boxes that have waterproof seals are ideal in case they come in contact with water. Secured lock boxes are also appropriate to prevent them from popping up suddenly. Boxes that have a worm-proof tray are a good investment as they prevent worms from harming the plastic tray.

Materials Used

Tackle boxes that are soft-sided and made from materials like nylon are easy to carry as they are small and usually come with a shoulder strap for easy portability. Molded plastic boxes are durable and lightweight. Metal boxes, on the other hand, can easily dent and retain heat from the exposure to sunlight. Due to this, it is less favored among other materials.

Size and Functionality

Beginners that have a small possession of tackles can choose a tackle box that is smaller. Fly fishermen may need some pouches for their small fly fishing baits or lures. Those who do a lot of hiking before reaching their fishing spot should choose tackle boxes with portability features.

Tackle Boxes Guide

Tackle boxes can be classified as soft or hard. Hard tackle boxes are usually made up of molded plastic and are available in multiple designs. Soft tackle binders and bags are commonly created from ripstop nylon. 

  • Molded Plastic Tackle Boxes – they are popular for their size and strength. They have several compartments used for storing and organizing gears that are durable enough to survive rough treatments. Tackle boxes made from molded plastic have an economic price and are perfect for various types of fishing gears.
  • Racked Tackle Boxes - these are usually large-sized and hold a series of pull-out utility boxes. Since the size is cumbersome, they are more suitable to be used as permanent storage.
  • Satchel Style Tackle Boxes - these boxes are affordable and strong. They are also portable and lightweight, making them perfect for novice anglers.
  • Tray Style Tackle Boxes - the most common style among the tackle boxes. The tray style tackle box has similar features with portable tool boxes. It contains a carrying handle, a rectangular case, and multiple divided trays that can be folded out on the inside. When these trays are opened, a huge storage well located on the bottom can be found. When purchasing tray style tackle boxes, choose a model with rugged handles and sturdy hinges.

Your search for a box that organizes your fishing gears is over. At Sumoshop.com, we offer a wide range of tackle boxes and other fishing gears to suit your fishing needs. You can choose from our various types of tackle boxes made only from quality and trusted brands. Feel free to browse our full selection of tackle boxes.

Tackle Box

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