Terminal Tackle

A terminal tackle is an important component in fishing. It allows you to present your lures and baits properly, thus making them appear more realistic for the fishes resulting in higher chances of having a catch. Here at Sumoshop.com, you can find a wide range of terminal tackles including a tackle kit, floating trotline, and more.

A terminal tackle can cover several components of your fishing equipment which include hooks, jig heads, sinkers, swivels, split rings, etc.

Components Included in a Tackle

A terminal tackle isn’t just a single piece of equipment. It’s actually a combination of certain fishing components that might include the following: 

  • Hooks - fishing hooks are considered the most important component in a terminal tackle. With the right choice of hook, you can snare a fish and hopefully land it. A fishing hook should match with the right wire strength, the size of the fish you plan to catch, and your fishing style. One type of hook may perform better than another for a certain fishing activity, and so on.

When choosing a hook, make sure you choose one that is proportional to the lure you plan to use to make your presentation look more realistic and natural.

  • Swivels - a swivel connects the hook to the fishing line or is included as part of a fishing rig. The main purpose of a swivel is to prevent the line from twisting as you retrieve your catch. You can find certain types of swivels in the market, but the most popular are barrel swivels and ball-bearing swivels.
  • Weights - weights, commonly known as sinkers, are used to increase your fishing gear’s sink rate, your lure’s casting distance, and your gear’s anchoring ability. It is made from lead and steel and is available in certain variations including bullet weights, cylinder sinkers, split-shots, etc.

Each type of sinkers you can find in the market has its own specific application. For example, bullet sinkers are used primarily for bass fishing, while pyramid sinkers are intended for bottom fishing.

  • Fishing lines – fishing lines refer to cords used for fishing. It can be made from artificial substances such as nylon, monofilament, and fluorocarbon.
  • Floats – floats or bobbers are used for float fishing. Compared to weights or sinkers, floats are lightweight and will float after casting the lure, hence giving you an indicator where your lure is cast. Some floats have extra weight to allow you to cast your lure at a farther distance.

Components Included in a Beginner’s Tackle Kit

If you’re new to fishing, you should equip yourself with all the important fishing gears and accessories. For a beginner, your tackle kit should include hooks, floats, leaders, snaps, swivels, split rings, and sinkers. 

Fishing hooks and leaders are among the most important components you should have. However, you can choose between floats and sinkers to suit the type of fish you want to catch as well as certain factors like water conditions, locations, etc. A swivel will make it easier for you to retrieve your catch.

As you start fishing, you should have a variation of fishing terminal tackles inside your tackle kit. This way, you can quickly and easily switch your gears wherever you want to go fishing.

Now you have an idea about what a fishing terminal tackle is, along with the various components it involves. You can choose to create your own beginner’s tackle kit, or you can also choose to purchase from one of our pre-made tackle kits here at Sumoshop.com. Regardless of your choice, we’re always here to provide you the best quality products and rates possible.

Terminal Tackle

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