Camping & Hiking Backpacks

If you are a first-time hiker and looking for the right camping and hiking equipment, we at can give you the best camping & hiking backpacks and accessories to choose from.

We offer the best quality bags that can withstand all kinds of wear and tear. Aside from camouflage backpacks and waist packs, we also offer accessories such as buckles and zippers, small hiking backpacks for single hikes, hydra packs, and many more.

Buying Tips

When choosing the right camping bag for your first hike, make sure to only get the best quality packs on the market. To do so, here are some tips worth following:

1. Suspensions

One of the things that you need to consider when buying camping backpacks are the suspensions. Your backpack’s extension helps you balance the weight of your pack and connects it to your body. The suspension holds off the weight around the shoulder and hips and distributes it on your whole back.  It helps lessen sore spots and keeps your comfortable throughout the hike

There are three types of suspension you could choose from: fixed, interchangeable, and adjustable suspensions. Each type of suspension is made for people with different types of body shape and comfortability. People with average height and weight can have the fixed and adjustable suspension. Meanwhile, people with larger frames would usually use the interchangeable suspension.

2. Torso Measurement

Your torso length is also one of the factors that can help you determine the proper size of your pack. Improper backpack size can cause injuries and severe body pains on your back, shoulders, and hips.

When measuring your torso, ask someone to assist you to get the accurate measurement. You can start the measurement on your C7 vertebra. Make sure that your chin is tilted down. Then, place your hands on your hips. Using your thumb, draw an imaginary line between them. Ask your friend to measure the distance between your vertebra and the imaginary line between your thumbs.

3. Maximum Capacity

The last thing that you need to consider is the capacity of your pack. The capacity of you backpack varies on the duration of your camping or hiking expedition. The pack should be just the right size to avoid bringing unnecessary things. It will also stop you from cramping all your essentials in a small sized bag.

For single day expeditions, you can use a small hiking backpack. For week-long hikes, make sure to get a pack that can hold around 40 to 65 liters of weight. You can bring smaller tents with this kind of camping backpack. If you are going to camp for a week or more, make sure that your large camouflage backpack has a maximum capacity of 65 to 95 liters. 

4. Women’s Pack

Gender is also crucial when choosing the right pack. Women have smaller packs compared to men’s packs.  Although they have a similar design, there are some noticeable differences. The shoulder straps are closer compared to men’s. It is also thinner to accommodate the female’s shoulder blades. The hip belts are tilted lower to ensure the belt would hold the entire hips.

There are lots of factors to consider when choosing camping and hiking backpacks. Your backpack should be the right size for you. It should not be too big nor too small. Having the right pack makes your camping experience more fun and memorable.

We can help you find the perfect backpack for your expedition. We guarantee that our products are made from the best materials and not just mere imitations. From zippers, suspension, or other camping and hiking backpack needs, we have it all at You don’t have to look that far, our shop is your number one-stop shop for your camping and hiking needs. Shop now!

Camping & Hiking Backpacks

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